Creating a Pathway to Success

Trading the financial markets can be extremely profitable, but few are successful. We want to change this by helping you understand the realities of trading, giving the facts and not selling the dream. Our principle aim is to provide you with a sustainable and achievable pathway to success where you are in control of your future. Trading offers you the ability to be completely financially independent, whilst offering flexible working hours, and the opportunity to earn the income you need now.

Educating yourself in the right manner is essential if you want to profit from the financial markets and we will give you the foundations you need to move forward successfully. Bizintra has been formed to offer you the information and guidance you require before you set off on your trading journey. We offer what we believe to be an unrivalled education to equip you with the knowledge and understanding required to become a consistently profitable trader from day one with guidance and mentorship.

Sponsored trading programme worth €3,000

Here at BizInTra we don’t believe in excluding anyone in their pursuit of knowledge, as such, we have worked tirelessly to find a solution which is beneficial to everyone. We are proud, and excited to announce our FREE 3 month Trading programme in partnership with IG Index and AvaTrade. Partnering with such large and reputable regulated financial brokers has allowed the opportunity to teach you how to trade the financial markets for free.

Our High Profile educators

Our educational content has been created and delivered by high profile industry experts with over 60 years of institutional and retail experience. Our mentors have put their theory into practice so join them Live in the markets, applying their strategies with the sole aim of achieving consistently profitable returns.

Interactive, engaging & Factual

Our educators deliver our content in both an engaging and interesting way, whilst understanding the importance of offering valuable, factual and useful information in a clear and simple manner. To be able to learn you must be engaged, and to be engaged you need to be interested, committed, and focused. We actively encourage personal interaction with our educators in the live webinars, we know this personal touch can be the difference between success and failure. We know what we need to do to make you successful, do you?

Live & On-demand content

BizInTra delivers LIVE and up to date educational experiences that bridge the gap between classroom and online learning. We offer a unique e-learning experience that accommodates your busy lifestyle and schedule, this means even the busiest of professionals can learn with us. But that’s not enough, we want you to be able to access our content whenever and wherever you want, and on any device you choose. As such, all of our educational content is available after the LIVE session On Demand on any device, for full flexibility, meaning we fit around you.

Bizintra Trading community

Trading can be a lonely profession, which is why we believe passionately that an Online Trader’s community is not only beneficial but essential to the success of any trader’s career. That is why BizInTra has it’s own social trading community which allows traders of any experience level to talk, to discuss, to chat, to share and to bond. If you are part of our Online Trading Community you will be supported by like-minded people, with a genuine interest in learning how to trade, who are committed and motivated to be successful. Everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge, strategies, and advice to the benefit of their fellow trader, whilst engaging in valuable and stimulating conversation and debate.

Seminars, 1-2-1 Crash courses & Speaking events

With huge demand we are now delivering Live Seminars, 1-2-1 crash courses & Speaking events globally which gives you access to Bizintra’s high profile Industry experts on a personal level. Speak to your Trade support manager for more information.

Help & support

So, we’ve given you what is, in our opinion, an unrivalled educational content and opportunity for application, we’ve born an online trader’s community where like-minded people can engage and connect, so what else can we offer? Our support of course.

Here at Bizintra we know trading is a marathon and not a sprint, along the way you’ll need help and guidance. We offer ongoing support to give clarity to something you don’t understand, a question you may have, or perhaps just a chat with one of our friendly team about anything at all. Whenever you need us, one of our friendly, approachable, support team members will be here to help.

The end goal… become a part of Bizintra’s Money Management team

For new and inexperienced traders, we measure success both in terms of their new-found knowledge and the consistent profit they may have made over their time with us. For them, feeling confident to enter the market and trade independently is the greatest success of all, while starting their journey to hard-earned self-worth and independence.

For more experienced traders, we measure their success both in terms of their increased knowledge, and consistency. We offer Bizintra’s best performing students the opportunity to become a Bizintra Money Manager and trade with our elite team.

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What People Say

What real people say about Bizintra learning


John Beaton-London

I have done many courses before, however, to actually listen to someone who has been there and done it is unlike anything else I’ve experienced, the open-ness and honesty is so refreshing. Also it is very good to know how expert traders trade the markets, I have learnt some very useful tips from Nick that should take my trading to the next level.  No hard sell like other courses I have attended. It was very enjoyable, I would highly recommend.

Lani Gleeson-Melbourne

I learned so much from Nick, especially about the realities of trading, not only the benefits but also the pitfalls that exist were all made very clear.  I feel like I am now armed with the behind the scenes knowledge to actually start having confidence in my ability to trade the financial markets.

Carrington Biencowe-Washington D.C

Loved the course, really engaging and the support team were fantastic, I still can’t believe the affordable price. I would highly recommend this trading course to anyone interested in trading the financial markets. I have wanted to learn how to trade for a while now, I just felt too nervous to know where to start, this was the perfect starting point for me.