Jonathan Farrelly

Chief Executive Officer

For me the most important facet of building a successful business is honesty & integrity. Bizintra was set up to offer learners a platform where they can get transparent education from real industry experts.

Sam Warner

Chief Technology Officer

At Bizintra we fundamentally believe that online, interactive and technology driven learning is the future of education. We believe that through the proper implementation of new technologies Bizintra can provide the world with a more cost effective, easily accessible and more relevant form of education.

Robert Branch

Chief Commercial Officer

Deciding to join Bizintra was a simple choice for me, the passion for an honest and realistic education is un-paralleled in this industry. I firmly believe that in this age of business, offering genuine value is key and this is at the very heart of what Bizintra delivers.

John Creaton

Advisor to the Board
Former VP at Goldman Sachs

Bizintra powerfully differentiates itself by completely aligning with its clients to provide structured education, information transparency, trading techniques and portfolio protection tools. Through the curation and provision of meaningful signals our clients have the best real world exposure to the financial trading environment. The overwhelming goal of the platform is to align with clients over the long term providing the most suitable education coupled with a set of practical tools designed for ongoing client protection and consistent trading profitability.

Gilbert Carey

Non Executive Director
Former VP at Goldman Sachs

Having spent over two decades on trading floors around the world, I am very excited with the approach Bizintra has taken to demystifying the art of trading. Their unique approach to teaching the mechanics and psychology of trading coupled with a best in class platform gives their students all the tools they need to succeed.

Nick Leeson

Head Educator
Former Coutts, Morgan Stanley & Bearings Trader

It’s very refreshing what Bizintra are trying to do. There is no conflict of interest or hidden agenda in their education. It’s genuine, transparent and setting the new standard.

Gareth Redmond

Education & Content Manager

Bizintra is in the unique position of being able to offer value to experienced traders as well as supporting completely new traders in their pursuit of mastering the financial markets. The combination of daily trading signals and live trade reviews make every day a valuable learning experience. Our focus on transparency for our students and on high quality, practical trading education will continue to be our goal as we grow.

Tom McGovern

Senior Market Analyst & Supervisor

With students from all walks of life and all different levels of experience, it is an absolute pleasure to guide them through our online education. Bizintra has built a community that allows our educators, novice students and expert traders to all engage with each other 24/7 and rely on a level of support that is second to none. We take great pride in watching our students grow as traders from the moment they start our course.