Who We Are

Bizintra is one of the leading global eLearning and consulting companies providing live online education in the areas of Business, Investing and Trading.

We set up Bizintra to give people access to real, valuable education from real experts at no or very low cost.

Jonathan Farrelly – CEO

"For me the most important facet of building a successful business is honesty & integrity. Bizintra was set up to offer learners a platform where they can get transparent education from real industry experts."

Sam Warner – CTO

"At Bizintra we fundamentally believe that online, interactive and technology driven learning is the future of education. We believe that through the proper implementation of new technologies Bizintra can provide the world with a more cost effective, easily accessible and more relevant form of education."

Robert Branch – CCO

"Deciding to join BizInTra was a simple choice for me, the passion for an honest and realistic education is un-paralleled in this industry. I firmly believe that in this age of business, offering genuine value is key and this is at the very heart of what BizInTra delivers".

Nick Leeson – Head Trading Consultant

“It’s very refreshing what Bizintra are trying to do. There is no conflict of interest or hidden agenda in their education.
It’s genuine, transparent and setting the new standard.”

What We Do

We will help you realise the opportunities and pitfalls that exist in starting your own business, Investing your own capital and trading the financial markets.

Bizintra aims to set the standard in live online education within the Business, Investing and Financial Trading sector by offering our learners engaging, structured and professional content delivered by industry experts utilising the most advanced eLearning technology