Advanced Trading Course

Elevate your trading to the next level

Our Advanced Trading Course at Bizintra is the next step for those students that are looking for a more advanced trading education. We have developed a course that creates a pathway for students to go from our Intermediate Trading Course or for those with prior trading experience to become full time retail traders. On this course, we refine the approach that we’ve introduced on the Intermediate Trading Course, while offering new and more varied elements to your trading strategy.

Our aim is to continue your growth as a trader and offer more detailed analysis on an individual basis. We provide our Trader Analysis Set which gives you an easier way to learn what you’re doing right and what areas need improvement. We will help you turn your weaknesses into strengths by spotting them early and managing them moving forward.

This Advanced Trading Course offers deeper insight into the world of financial trading. We aim to strengthen your understanding of our trading strategies and give you the ability to confidently make smart decisions each and every time you enter a trade. Success is based on consistency!

We believe in supporting our traders every step of the way, when you join Bizintra you will get instant access to our social network of traders & join over a 1,000 active Bizintra traders. You can chat & ask questions to our educators, support analysts & other like-minded traders of all levels. We achieve success together!

Analysing the trades that you make one day, will lead to better decisions the next. Every day holds valuable experiences for a trader but only if you can learn from them. We will give you an analysis set that helps you to learn efficiently every day. Never stop learning!

"Having used several other companies who offer trading services, this by far has been the most accurate and supportive, always providing the most dynamic and up-to-date information."
- Cal Lee, Bizintra student

Our Syllabus

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis I

Technical Analysis II

Technical Analysis III

Technical Analysis IV



Candlesticks Patterns

Introduction to Trading Options

Option Strategies I

Option Strategies II

The Role of the Market Maker

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