Beginner Trading Course

For brand new traders that want to start the right way

We know how challenging sitting down and trading for the first time might seem. You don’t want to lose money, what should you be analysing before putting a trade on, if I can buy and sell what am I really selling? All of these are normal questions to have before setting foot in the financial markets but all you need is the right guidance and preparation. This Beginner Trading Course has been developed for just this reason, to get you prepared for trading the financial markets. The trading strategies that we use require some knowledge of the markets, risk management and a technical understanding of how to put trades on. We’ve got you covered, just see what we’ve got planned for you below.

These 4 videos have been developed to give the complete novice an understanding of what trading the markets is like. We outline the right risk management strategy to have long term success, how to develop the right mindset to trade and how find a profitable trade with technical analysis. Our aim is to provide this information in an easy-to-digest format before having to actually execute in the live environment for yourself. We want to elevate your knowledge of trading and give you the confidence to further develop your skills and trading mindset.

These mini videos are short animated videos that range from topics like correlations, margin and leverage and much more. Their aim is to explain in more detail and reaffirm the subject matter that we go through in the educational videos. This is going to be a resource for you as you make your way through your Beginner Trading Course and are being regularly updated to keep you in touch with all of the fundamental skills and information that will help to make you a better trader.

Our Internal Traders Network is how our trading experts communicate with our students on a day to day basis. We publish all of our trading signals and daily market analysis through our Internal Traders Network and as a beginner student, you will get access to this. We offer live Q&A’s with every Beginner trading course to enable students to ask questions and get the answers they require to improve their knowledge. Having daily access to live traders will help to streamline your success as a new trader.

We use live Trade Setup and Review classes to give our students an insight into how we trade. Our experts have gained their experience through years of trading, and by offering regular live analysis on the markets, we hope to be able to show you how to replicate the processes for yourself. This is done through our trade review classes which are live analysis of the markets done multiple times a week. In your Beginner Trading Course, you will get a tutorial that shows you how to best use these classes to make profitable trades for yourself.

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