Your first steps in to the world of Cryptocurrencies

Bizintra is delighted bring a new course dedicated to the world of cryptocurrencies. With the growing popularity of cryptos and Bitcoin Futures hitting the market in late 2017, the growth in this area has led us to bring you a Programme entirely devoted to the subject. The Programme will look at how this new market place has grown into what it is.

We want you to be more informed in a space that offers potential returns unlike anywhere else so that you can invest based on your knowledge rather than hope and a prayer.

Read more about our CRYPTO Programme below and apply today.

These classes will give you the knowledge as to why Cryptocurrencies are a technological force here to revolutionize the financial world. We dive into Bitcoin and altcoins and look at where your next investment may lie.

We will produce a weekly analysis video on the crypto marketplace to give you the potential to make better decisions throughout your time on the course.

You will gain access to our internal social network where we mix our Crypto experts with students to create a never ending online discussion around Cryptocurrencies.

Webinar Schedule

Every Thursday at 6:00pm


Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
Bitcoin & the Bubble Theory
Alt coins & How an ICO Works
Issues with Cryptocurrencies for the Future

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