Intermediate Trading Course

Your first steps in to the world of financial trading

The Intermediate Trading Course at Bizintra offers students an introduction to the world of financial trading. Our course offers expert strategies and attempts to convey the experience of traders with over 60+ years combined. This course will not make you rich over night, that’s not what we do, our aim for students is to not to risk more than 5% of their accounts on any one trade. Among other benefits, we offer our students a set of guidelines and consistent strategies that provide a controlled return that we use ourselves on a daily basis.

Our Intermediate Trading Course will show you how to successfully negotiate the financial markets, striving for a consistent return month on month while managing your risk effectively. We publish our trading results weekly, by email and through our internal traders network, so you can see while you’re learning that we are practicing what we preach. Tell us about the trades that you’ve made in a real time environment so you can learn efficiently from our team of live expert traders.

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Our Traders are trading throughout the day while being available on our Private Trader Social Network. They announce trades, discuss market commentary and answer our students questions about trading in real time.

Receive weekly reports from our traders directly to your PC or phone. This enables you to see us implementing the strategies we teach & proves to you how consistently you can see success on a daily basis.

At Bizintra, we pride ourselves on our results. Our traders use the same strategies that you will be learning to efficiently navigate the markets every day. We'll show you our results while being there to offer the support and education you need to trade smartly with your own capital.

"Really clear lectures, support and accessibility to traders and experts alike is second to none"
-Neil Carroll, Bizintra student

Our Syllabus

Trading Mistakes & Psychology

Good & Bad Traders

Trade Sizing and Basic Risk Management

Economic Indicators

Support & Resistance

Bizintra Day Trading (Entries)

Bizintra Day Trading (Exits)

Portfolio Selection

Margin, Leverage and Swaps

Stock Market Indices

Foreign Exchange Markets

Introduction to Commodities

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