The Bizintra Sponsored Trading Programme offers a limited number of students free access to a course (£3000 value) that offers expert strategies and the experience of traders with over 60+ years combined. Our course will not make you rich over night but does offer consistent strategies that we use ourselves on a daily basis.

Our trading programme will show you how to successfully negotiate the financial markets with a return rate this year of 80% so far. Our results are published weekly on our internal traders network, so you can see while you’re learning that we are practicing what we preach. Ask us about your own trades in a real time environment so you can learn efficiently from our team of live expert traders.

Apply to our Sponsored Trading Programme to see if there is a place available to reserve now on the next course.

Trade Part or Full Time

Even if you are in full time employment or have limited time available, you can make money with just one hour a day. We will equip you with the tools and knowledge you require to become a consistently profitable trader.

Blended Learning

Particpate in Live and On-Demand Webinars that cover all aspects of trading, blending education with Live Trading Room action where our experts will talk you through their trading strategies.

Live Trading

Experience shows you will learn the most by putting your trading psychology and risk management education into action by making real trades, supervised and mentored by our experts. Our partner brokers offer micro lots, allowing you to test yourself on the open market with minimal risk to your capital while you are learning. (Trade for as little as 10 cents per trade).

Bizintra trading signals

Our Trading experts at Bizintra see highly consistent returns trading the financial markets & we share our Trading signals live as they’re executed in the markets every day.
Everything is entirely transparent, you will see the results from day 1.

Fully Sponsored for 3 Months

No Catches! Our fully regulated partner brokers sponsor your 3 months of access to our trading programme as they know the quality of our education is so good they are confident most participants will continue to trade with them for many years to come. This programme is unique in the industry.

Expert Support & Mentorship

We pride ourselves on our first class service, so throughout your time with Bizintra you will receive full professional support & mentorship. You will have an assigned support manager and also have regular contact with our educators.

Free Means Free

To start your sponsorship and gain 3 months of access to our unique trading program you need to set up a live trading account with one of our fully regulated partner brokers and deposit the minimum fund requirement. Once completed you will have instant access to our Education/Trade Room/Trade Forum & Expert supports.

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  1. One of our trading support managers will call you to discuss your application and answer your questions.
  2. Once you are happy to proceed we send you out a welcome pack.
  3. When the paperwork is returned to us we open up your access to our Members Area/Education/Trade Room/Trade Forum & Expert supports.

The proven method – We simply don’t expect you to believe that what we teach works, we will prove it to you! Through our live trade rooms and blended education you will see first-hand and with your own eyes, the results of our strategies as they unfold… 100% transparency is guaranteed. We offer video tutorials, webinars and online trading courses. Join our forex trading programs for both beginners and advanced traders and learn the currency trading and more!