Technical Analysis with Jason Sen

Elevate your trading to the next level

Jason’s advanced technical trading course at Bizintra will give you all the tools and knowledge required to become a charting expert with precise market entry & exit points. Jason has developed this course to give traders an insight into his professional market analysis and in-depth technical strategy.

Throughout this course Jason will show you how to analyse a chart using technical Indicators such as Moving Averages, Fibonacci, Bollinger Bands, Oscillators, RSI, & many more. The course contains both PowerPoint & live trade room examples to show you how to apply your own successful strategy from home.

Jason is a respected and award winning technical analyst, so if you want to learn from one of the best regarded, elite technical traders in the industry this is your opportunity. Apply now to follow in Jason’s success.

This Advanced Trading Course offers deeper insight into the world of financial trading. We aim to strengthen your understanding of our trading strategies and give you the ability to confidently make smart decisions each and every time you enter a trade. Success is based on consistency!

Analysing the trades that you make one day, will lead to better decisions the next. Every day holds valuable experiences for a trader but only if you can learn from them. We will give you an analysis set that helps you to learn efficiently every day. Never stop learning!

We believe in supporting our traders every step of the way, when you join Bizintra you will get instant access to our social network of traders & join over a 1,000 active Bizintra traders. You can chat & ask questions to our educators, support analysts & other like-minded traders of all levels. We achieve success together!

"Its exactly what I needed and has given me the confidence to trade properly "
- Sam Nield, Bizintra student

Our Syllabus

Candle Formations
Trend Lines
The Trend is Your Friend
Technical Analysis & Day Trading

Maximising Profit
How to Set up a Trade
Analysis Summary
Setting up the Trade

Areas of Confluence
Chart Patterns
Various Pattern Chatters
Fibonacci Levels

Indicators & Oscillators
Measure Trends & Provide Signals
Moving Averages
Basic Indicators

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