Mark Reilly

Great course, great support and learning a lot.

Cal Lee

I’ve been trading for a while now and wanted to further develop my skills. Having used several other companies who offer trading services, this by far has been the most accurate and supportive, always providing the most dynamic and up-to-date information.

Stuart Rickaby

Had a great one to one with Robert last night. Learned quite a few things and hope to put them into practice next week and make some money.

Joe McCarthy

Great start so far, looks really professional and polished. Looking forward to benefiting from the education over the next year.

Gerry MacManus

Clear lectures and great trading room feature to learn the practice of setting up trades. What I particularly like and appreciate is the lack of excuses when. only occasionally, things go wrong (it is the nature of the markets, so don’t bother if you can’t take it) and the fact that when things don’t look just like they want them to, you’re told to exercise patience – it’s no nonsense, pure and simple – they want you to keep your money and grow it, not ‘bet’, and show you just how to do it, and how not to succeed!!!

Stephen King

As a ” Newbie” trader I have taken a number of trades. These have usually been well below 1% as the aim is to understand what I am doing and get the trades as close to correct as possible rather than retire after the next trade!

Kim Mindedahl Pedersen

My first trade with you guys is a winner; good start…!

Olivier Zeyssolff

The Bizintra education will provide you with solid tools to become a better investor, risk manager and preserve your capital. If you expect to become an overnight millionaire, look elsewhere!