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Live event with Nick Leeson

Bizintra is proud to present a series of free live events with one of the biggest names in the financial industry, Nick Leeson.

With the growing popularity of retail trading, new and untrained people are approaching the markets unaware of the dangers that they hide.
Worried for the latest trend to jump blind into the world of trading, Nick would like to share some of his knowledge with those who are interested.

Nick is going to be speaking about his career, from the very beginning to the present time, including the events that led to him become part of one of the biggest scandals of the past years.

This is the story of how a sales clerk from Watford climbed the ladder of the biggest financial institutions of the world to become a general manager for the Barings bank.
A story of success and failure, of passion and greed: the story of the original “Rogue Trader”.

If you want to hear about Nick’s story from the man himself, this event cannot be missed.

The talk will last for 2 hours and cover the following 3 topics: (there will be time for Q&A at the end)

Technological improvements have brought the world of trading to everyone with an internet connection. Retail trading has exploded in recent years giving rise to new brokerages and trading educators like Bizintra. Nick will explain the fundamentals of what retail trading is.

Nick Leeson is the infamous trader that contributed to the fall of Barings Bank. His trading career went from earning over 10% of the worldwide profits of Britain's oldest merchant bank to ending up in a Singaporean jail. Nick will give the honest account of the "Rogue Trader" story.

As this growth continued, the trading world became notorious with scam brokers, and new traders were being fooled into believing they could become millionaires overnight. Nick will discuss the dangers and benefits of becoming a retail trader as well as dispel some of the myths that proliferate the industry.

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“I really enjoyed Nick's fascinating story told by the man himself after reading all about him! Also great to hear his words of wisdom. Much needed bit of motivation to continue to push on. Look forward to another one guys!” - Graham Fitzgerald

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