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Former Coutts, Morgan Stanley & Barings Trader

Nick Leeson left school at the age of 18 and started work right in the heart of the City of London with Coutts and Company at 15 Lombard Street. Coutts were bankers to the Royal family as well as a host of other well known and financially successful clients. Shortly after Nick started work in the City, the banking world in the United Kingdom went through its biggest period of change ever with the start of the Big Bang era, a process of de-regulation of Financial Institutions. Awash with opportunity, as the City was in those days, Nick joined Morgan Stanley International, a premier America Investment Bank. Nick started to specialise in Japanese futures and options at this point, a particularly niche area at this time and was headhunted to Baring Securities to fulfil a similar role there. Travelling extensively throughout his time with Barings, notably Indonesia, Japan and Hong Kong, Nick settled in Singapore to activate the Banks seat on the Singapore International Monetary Exchange. His story from the trading floors of Singapore to the collapse is well chronicled but his experiences of that time prove invaluable in developing a day trading strategy that leaves no overnight positions. Nick Leeson's expertise is in looking for entry and exit points around changes in direction, a strategy based on a mixture of sentiment and technical analysis.
30+ Years of Experience

Nick Leeson has traded in the largest investment banks in the world. Has rose to the top & also made mistakes that led to his downfall. No one is better placed to teach you how to become profitable while avoiding the same mistakes.

83% Success Rate

Nick Leeson’s Strategy produces the best success rates in the industry. His consistency is unparalleled & he shares his live trades every day, so you will receive daily alerts & can follow his successes. We analyse these trades every day, live in our trade rooms, so you can learn how to apply this same strategy independently. Nick Leeson’s strategy consists of technical, fundamental & sentiment analysis.

Focused on European Markets

Nicks Leeson’s portfolio consists of 7 Markets made up of FX, Indices & Commodities. Nick only trades markets in European time zones & specialises in these niche markets to generate consistent profits.

Nick Leeson shares every trade he takes in real time during the day & you will receive a notification straight to your phone, so you can follow the success rate of every trade Nick takes.
Our Traders are trading throughout the day while being available on our Private Trader Social Network. They announce trades, discuss market commentary and answer our students questions about trading in real time.
Receive reports & daily analysis directly to your PC or phone. This enables you to get UpToDate analysis from Nick & see his expert insights in to the world of trading.

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