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Welcome to Bizintra, the Financial Academy built by high Profile Industry Experts. We have developed Educational Packages that combine Theoretical & Practical application with hands on support from our experts. Our trading packages suit all levels of trading experience from complete beginners to Full Time Traders. We have partnered with Two Blokes Trading, to offer listeners an opportunity to gain a sponsorship to our exclusive educational packages. Join Philip & Peder LIVE as they share their trading ideas & strategy’s, their combined skillsets will allow you to get an in-depth insight into both the Technical & Fundamental techniques of trading the financial markets. Also gain access to one of our education packages to suit your skill level.

Philip and Peder are both experienced traders with several years’ experience trading all asset classes including Equities, Forex & Commodities. Peder is an expert in technical analysis, and he would be considered a short-term trader with a 1-7 day time horizon on a single position. Peder has a vast array of experience trading the financial markets & has a real passion for Technical Analysis, and has mastered the art of multi-timeframe analysis. Philip is a global macro and event-driven trader who focuses more heavily on fundamental analysis than technical, his background developed from being mentored by a hedge fund manager in 2015 on portfolio construction and managing an equity long-short portfolio across multiple asset classes.

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