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We have designed the ultimate 12 month traders package to get you trading like a Pro. No matter what your experience level this programme is designed to help you become a consistently profitable trader. Our VIP Membership gives you the complete package, including Trading Education built by institutional traders with 60+ of experience. This is the complete trading experience including V.I.P only access to our exclusive events with our High Profile Traders! Whether you are looking to make a second income or want to become a full-time trader we will guide you to success.
This course has been developed for just one reason, to get you prepared for trading the financial markets. The course will give you some general knowledge of the markets and a techincal understanding of how to put trades on.
Learn efficiently from our team of live traders, they will show you how to successfully negotiate the financial markets, striving for a consistent return month on month while managing your risk effectively.
On this course, we refine the approach that we’ve introduced on the Intermediate Trading Course, while offering new and more varied elements to your trading strategy. Our goal with this course is to get you confidently trading the markets.

Enigma Trading Strategy

Our Enigma Strategy produces some of the best success rates in the industry. We are completely transparent & all our trading history is independently verified. Our consistency is unparalleled & we shares live trades every day, so you will receive daily alerts & can follow our successes. We also analyse these trades every day, live in our trade rooms, so you can learn how to apply our strategy independently.

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